Shemshak Villa (renovation)

Client : Private

Location : Shemshak, Tehran

Type : Villa renovation

Status : Finished

Scale : Small

Area : 240 sqm

Date : 2023

Nestled amidst the picturesque Shemshak Mountain, on the outskirt of Tehran, this triplex villa once served as a temporary resort, providing two cozy bedrooms, one kitchen and three bathrooms to ski enthusiasts.

Embracing our client’s vision, we ripped everything out and transformed this villa into a minimalist retreat with three ensuits and the addition of a small sauna, creating an idyllic haven for ski lovers seeking both adventure and relaxation.

In our pursuit of simplicity and harmony between the interior and the surrounding outdoor beauty, we meticulously removed unnecessary embellishments, allowing the essence of the landscape to take center stage, and emphasized the use of large windows throughout the villa. These generous windows not only offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape but also flood the villa with abundant natural light, creating an enchanting haven of tranquility and balance for all who dwell within.

Every aspect of the renovation aimed to enhance functionality while preserving a minimalist aesthetic. Thoughtfully integrated storage solutions, concealed fixtures, and carefully selected furniture pieces contribute to a cohesive symphony of form and function, ensuring that the villa not only please the eye but also serves its occupants with ease and efficiency.