Dolce Vita competition

Client : Dolce vita company

Type : Residential

Status : Idea

Scale : Small

Design team : Setareh Dejam , Mohammad Ebrahim Tajik

Area : 250 sqm

Date : 2017

In this competition designers were given a cubic box with 7 meter width,20 meters length and 7 meters height as a dwelling to design the interior. Having no other description or instruction, designers were challenged to imagine and to implement the cube’s meaning to them in their scenarios and designs.

With the price of city apartments blowing up,instead of following the typical apartment floor plans,we wanted to design a space suited to the changing life styles of the future,coexistence of private life and working life.A house for a future life to raise the value of living.Our intention was more than simply making rooms,we wanted to fulfill the true potential of the spaces and enhance the living experiences. The house of the future should represent such a lifestyle of young people who can fluidly shift between work and home.

The fist level is an open living space occupied by the bathroom , kitchen , living and dining room and a light metal stair leading to the second floor.The bathroom is the only space that is closed off , the rest of the house is completely open in order to endow the space with continuity.

Having movable walls allows this level to be used as a complete open area or divided spaces depending on what is required by residents.

The bedrooms are situated on the upper level , boxes suspended from the ceiling , having distance from the longitudinal walls to keep their connection with the lower level.