Kojoor villa 01

Client : Mr. Eftekhari

Location : Kojur, Mazandaran

Type : Villa

Status : Under construction

Scale : Small

Area : 270 sqm

Date : 2021

The site is situated in Kojur, a picturesque village in Mazandaran province, north of Iran, known for its intense snowy winters and delightful summer weather. The clients, a young couple who love to enjoy their holidays with friends and frequently have guests, desire a villa that combines a social atmosphere with private retreats. Leveraging the existing tree on the site, we’ve designed two boxes on either side, connected by a transition box. The day zone, comprising the kitchen, living space, and TV room, is enveloped by windows that frame views of the pool and the tree. This design floods the day zone with natural light, creating a vibrant space that interacts with the shadows. Meanwhile, the night zone houses the bedrooms, offering a tranquil escape.