Kojoor villa 02

Client : Ms. Davanipoor

Location : Kojur, Mazandaran

Type : Villa

Status : Under construction

Scale : Small

Area : 280 sqm

Date : 2021

The site is situated in Kojur, a picturesque village in Mazandaran province, north of Iran, known for its intense snowy winters and delightful summer weather. The requirements of the client, a young couple, include a generous space to celebrate parties, a separate kitchen, separate TV room, three bedrooms and an outdoor pool.

To meet the client’s desire, our design approach centers around the creation of two equally-sized boxes: one designated for gatherings, providing ample space for celebrations, and the other housed the bedrooms and the kitchen. These two boxes are separated by a separation box, including the interior transition area and the addition of an inviting outdoor pool. By positioning skylight above this transition box, we achieved greater distinction between the main two boxes.

The outdoor pool, functioning as a separate element, not only effectively separated the kitchen from the gathering zones but also ensured a continuous flow and a sense of connection, avoiding complete isolation of the kitchen area.

Moreover, to maximize space for the parties and leisure, we merged the living and TV rooms into a spacious area, utilizing a one- meter difference in levels to separate them. This design approach allows bigger gatherings while providing two distinct spaces for relaxation and leisure activities.