Laft Project

Location : Laft, Qheshm Island

Type : Villa

Scale : Small

Status : Hold

Design team : : Marjan Nazari

Area : 200 sqm

Date : 2019

The site is located on the up height of the village of Laft, the historical village located in Qeshm Island (a few kilometers off the southern coast of Iran).

The architecture of Qeshm Island includes the specific architectural style of a warm and wet area, which previously had a functional use aimed to reach a sustainable architecture and development.

The most significant architectural feature of Laft village is the various-sized wind towers which was constructed to make the inner spaces cool in the summer.

Respecting the vernacular architecture of the area, was the main challenge of the project. In order to do so, we studied, stayed in and visited various rural houses to comprehend the lifestyle of the people of the Island.

Most buildings are semi-introverted with rooms designed around a central courtyard with this difference that their relationship with the outer space is not completely closed.

Verandas are considered as a key space in the architecture of the Island, not only as a connection between the interior and exterior, but also as a space, with a good air conditioning performance, which during hot seasons (lasting for at least 6 months), daily activities are performed within.

In general, studies showed that vernacular architecture of the island has focused on developing an orientation between the climate of the region and a good understanding of the construction.