Zaferanieh Office (renovation)

Client : Mrs.Firoozi

Location : Zaferanieh,Tehran

Type : Office refurbishment

Scale : Small

Status : Completed

Area : 450 sqm

Date : 2015

In certain areas of Zaferaniyeh neighborhood of Tehran, municipality does not allow construction of properties more than three stores high because of their proximity to Saed Abad Palace – a site of important cultural and historical heritage to the city. Demolition projects in this neighborhood does not carry enough incentives for investors as they result in the same floor area ratio as the old property; hence, renovation projects occur more in this neighborhood. Zaferaniyeh project was a 3 store residential site that was purchased by the client to be transformed to an exclusive modern office. Relatively small floor area, as well as a low fixed ceiling height were principal challenges of this project .